Our Services

With 50+ years of dealing with the IRS collection departments it is essential that you spend money to get missing tax returns completed and filed before you pay any tax resolution company for tax services because the IRS requires you to be in complete tax reporting compliance first.

  • The value you receive from our services is quick preparation and filing of all missing business tax returns so that the IRS recognizes and accepts your business as completely tax reporting compliant.
  • Because the IRS and the State Revenue Departments cannot help you until all missing tax returns are completed and filed we exist to prepare missing tax returns such as
    • 1120 C Corporation Tax Returns for Years 1998-2019
    • 1120S S Corporation Tax Returns for Years 1998-2019
    • 1065 Partnership Tax Returns for Years 1998-2019
    • 941 Payroll Tax Returns for all 4 Quarters for 1998-2019
    • 940 FUTA Tax Returns for 1998-2019
    • Every State Withholding Payroll Tax Returns for 1998-2019