Our Clients Say It Best

  • Why Choose Trusted Financial Services to Prepare My Delinquent Business Tax Returns. Our Clients Say It Best
  • Our team has 50+ years of providing emergency services to save small businesses owners from closure and irreparable harm due to their failure to file tax returns.
  • We know that when you have even 1 missing/delinquent business tax return the IRS and State Revenue Collection Officers may be barred from doing anything positive to help you.


  • We have a long record of serving clients well which demonstrates our commitment that we want to and will help you.


  • The Team At TFS Cares About You And May Change Your Life. A restaurant owner paid a Tax Resolution Company $20,000 for resolution services.  She had cancer at the time.  The Tax Resolution Company did nothing and when she contacted TFS she owed more than $450,000 of taxes penalties and interest. TFS got an audit consider and in 2015 the IRS allowed TFS to file amended returns for 2007 and 2008. The total tax liability was reduced to zero for 2007 and $5,350 for 2008.  The restaurant now has 2 locations and her business and life have been changed.


  • Million Dollar Plus Owed to IRS Was Reduced to a Refund By Filing Returns to Replace IRS Substitute for Returns [SFR]. A business taxpayer who had delinquent contacted us to prepare returns.  The returns we prepared reduced the SFR total from $1,189,403 to a refund of $4,592 and for another year from $600,439 to a refund of $14,629.


  • TFS Emergency Response Changed the Collection Process. A client had paid more than $20,000 to a Chicago firm to protect his company during IRS collections. They did nothing and the IRS would not help the client since he I had not filed payroll tax returns for 8 years.  Within 1 week of contacting Trusted Financial Services we had completed 40 tax returns and the IRS collectors.


  • Heart Attack When IRS Closed Business. A rogue IRS Collection Officer locked up a business and put 17 employees on the street.  The business owner suffered a heart attack.  A good IRS agent went to the hospital and gave the owner information to contact the TFS owner.  All of the delinquent tax returns were quickly filed and the collection process completely changed approach.


  • Christmas Trauma. Due to delinquent returns the IRS closed a bakery business on December 23.  The employees were put out into the cold and they temporarily lost their jobs.  TFS quickly got all missing tax returns filed and the IRS allowed the business to reopen.


  • Nefarious Attorneys and Bad CPA Advice. Nefarious attorneys had set up trusts for business owners but never advised them of the requirement to file 1041 trust tax returns.  One attorney wanted the owners to deposit $708,000 into his trust account rather than paying the IRS.  When the clients contacted TFS they were desperate and facing 25 years in prison for non-filing tax returns.  TFS would not even take a retainer until the clients paid the IRS $708,000 within 1 week of contacting TFS.  The clients still have their business.  One of the fraudulent attorneys was convicted of a federal criminal offense and another attorney who had appeared in a court proceeding drunk died without compensating the clients he had betrayed.

Filing Missing 941 Returns Reduced the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty to Zero.  We helped a business whose owner was assessed the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty [TFRP] or Civil Penalty for four quarters for two years.  We filed 941 returns and reduced the 941 taxes assessed against the company to zero.  Then TFS forced the IRS to remove the TFRP from the owner.  This was a reduction of $117,000.  All of this was done through filing missing tax returns and without CPA’s, attorney, or any tax resolution company representaion.