IRS Collection Regulations Require All Delinquent Returns Be Filed

That means that all delinquent tax returns must be filed.

You may avoid the collection process and the embarrassment at your place of business and to your employees when you get delinquent tax returns prepared and filed rather than pay for Tax Resolution Services which really cannot do much until all the delinquent business tax returns are prepared and filed.

Delinquent business tax returns, at some point, cause the IRS to initiate the collection process and make contact with you at your residence of place of business and sometimes at your home as the Revenue Officer attempts to determine the following:

  • Your standard of living
  • Filing requirements
  • Assets
  • Number of employees
  • Type of business, e.g., construction, sales, consulting
  • Potential income sources and amounts
  • Potential expenses and exemptions, and
  • Other pertinent information that will help determine potential liability and collection potential