About Us

Our Lasting Successes Are Our Grateful Clients Heartfelt Thanks

  • The value we provide clients and their many testimonials of life-changing events once they contacted us define us.
  • During the 50+ years that we have been assisting taxpayers to resolve their problems with the IRS and state’s Revenue Departments we have consistently believed that our lasting success is best determined by the life changing results we deliver for our clients.
  • We recognize that you will present us with your own set of facts, your own fears and embarrassment, your feelings of being overwhelmed, and even loss of your hopes, of your dreams and possibly even loss of your enjoyment of freedom.

    We know the trauma you feel when the IRS or a state’s collection department contacts you at work, takes your money through bank levies and wage garnishments or files a public record tax lien against you.

    We therefore exist to serve you during your greatest times of need – that is our lasting success. 
  • Before the IRS and most State Revenue Departments can do anything to help you all missing tax returns must be filed.